Role of Teriparatide Vs Zoledronic Acid in Osteoporosis as well as in Pathological Fractures due to Osteoporosis

  • Vinod Kumar Nagar Assistant Professor Orthopedics, PMCH, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  • Vishal Shinde Assistant Professor Orthopedics, PMCH, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Keywords: Teriparatide,cZoledronic Acid, Osteoporosis.


Background-Present prospective study is intended to compare role of Teriparatide and Zoledronic acid in osteoporosis as well as in pathological fracture due to osteoporosis so as to help elderly postmenopausal women to combat with osteoporosis & complications arising due to it.

Material & Methods-This study is carried out in Pacific Medical College & Hospital,Udaipur in the department of orthopedics from Dec. 2107 to June 2019.Total of 100 women were included at the time of beginning but 20 women were lost in the follow up due to various reasons.51 patients of group 1 were given Zoledronic acid & 29 patients were given Teriparatide.Patients were evaluated upto 12 months at regular intervals. Serial DEXA scans were done,assessment & comparison were done accordingly.

Conclusion-Treatment of osteoporosis is multimodal with no definitive single molecule available.This study compared Zoledronic acid & Teriparatide.Although T-score has nearly the same value but our study resulted in increase BMD score & fewer side effects by the use of Teriparatide so it is concluded that patient with very low BMD requires treatment with Teriparatide.


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