Firearm Injuries of Head and Neck: Our Experience

  • Mohd Ashraf Professor, Department of ENT, S S Medical College, Rewa, MP
  • Sneha Semil Senior Resident, Department of ENT, S S Medical College, Rewa, MP
Keywords: Firearm Injuries, Head and Neck Injuries


Background: Injuries inflicted on head & neck  are of different types. It could be either blunt injury, sharp penetrating injury or gunshot injury. Multiple cranial nerve injury, airway injury, injury to bone and soft tissues are common outcome of such injury

Methods: This study was a retrospective undertaken in the Department of ENT, JNMC, AMU over a period of five years from January 2000 to June 2005. In our present study we have exclusively dealt with firearm injuries inflicted on head & neck area and those patients who survived and were treated in our medical college. We studied ten cases of firearm injury. We had discarded all those cases of head & neck firearm assault who were brought dead.

Results:  The study was conducted in the Department of ENT, JNMC over a period of five years. The age of presentation ranged from 15yrs-50 yrs. The male & female ratio was of 4:1. Most of the patients belonged either to areas east of Aligarh or Aligarh itself.

Conclusion: The firearm injuries are now more common because of the development of sophisticated ammunition, intolerance and hatred. Timely intervention if given saves lifes of many patients. Team management and sound facilities are significant in the management of firearm injuries


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