An Evaluated Study on Tuberculosis Cases Attending Pulmonary Diseases Department in Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital

  • Deepak Kumar Kalra Associate Professor, Department of TB & Respiratory Diseases, Subharti Medical College, Meerut, U.P, India.
Keywords: TB, pulmonary, extrapulmonary, RNTCP


Background: The RNTCP (Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programmed) in India provide a strong framework for the outpatient management of tuberculosis yet very less literature is available on tuberculosis in hospitalized patients. Several factors including the clinical and socio- economic status contribute to the burden of hospitalization in tuberculosis.

Methods: 150 total numbers of cases were included who had infection of tuberculosis. This study was conducted in the Department of TB & Respiratory Diseases, Shri Dev Suman Subharti Medical College, Dehradun.
Results: ‘Among the all cases we found that, 40% having extra pulmonary, 37.3% pulmonary, disseminated 22.7% tuberculosis infection.

Conclusion: This study concludes that extra pulmonary TB was most common followed by pulmonary TB.


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