New Private Practice Paradigms in Pakistan

  • Hamid Mahmood Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Federal Medical and Dental College, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Zafar Hayat Maken Assistant Professor, Federal Medical and Dental College, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Wasifa Khalid Assistant Professor. MBBS Medical College Mirpur, Pakistan.
  • Ammara Waqar Assistant Professor, University of Lahore. Lahore, Pakistan.
  • Yasir Hassan
Keywords: private practicing paradigms, employment models for doctors, single specialty practice


Introduction: The medical private practice is changing quickly due to many reasons. Most of practitioners need a comfortable environment and working conditions to deliver healthcare services to the patients. Multi-specialty clinics, owned by private entrepreneurs, have been established in the big cities to earn maximum revenue. The small GP clinics are very difficult to be established in big cities. The revenue earned by the small clinics is very low as compared to their expenses such as rent, utility bills & paramedical staff payments. It is the need of the time that complete revised private practices paradigms should be developed. Objective: to find out (1) future employment structure of the doctors in private sector. (2) To find out whether single specialty clinics are better than multi-specialty clinics in the future scenario Sample Size: A total no of 302 personnel’s data was collected through survey. MBBS Doctors, PG Diploma Holders, FCPS, Teaching Medical College Professors from different specialties were enrolled in the survey. Study design & Methodology: The collected data was collected and graded in the excel sheet. The data was analyzed on SPSS version 20 to find the different relationships. The statistical analysis has been recorded and reproduced in the conclusions and results. Sampling Method and Design: Consultant of various disciplines working in private sector having their own clinics or working with different multi-specialty clinics were included in the study. The privately owned GPs were also included in the study for purpose of comparison for compensation in various disciplines. Results: The landscape of medical practice is changing very quickly. Various practice options requires financial and legal knowledge of the various fields. New health commission reforms have provided a platform for healthy competition among the competing physicians and surgeons .Conclusions: It has been found out that the private practice has taken the shape of industry. All the resources should be used carefully to earn the maximum revenue for meeting the requirement of all stakeholders. The change in the private practices paradigms is very huge which is very difficult for the general practitioners and single specialty clinics to adopt.


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